Liberi school!

In order to create a safe learning environment, it is necessary to build a solid school, properly furnished and equipped with learning materials. The liberi school was built in 2018 in an environment where a school was badly needed. Children could not go to school because the other schools were overcrowded. Because these children had never been to school, we started with the youngest children. There is now a primary school with 7 classes: baby class, middle class, reception, grades 1 to 4. There are 259 children at the school. The school has two offices, a teacher's room, good sanitary facilities, a canteen with kitchen, a computer lab/library, a vegetable garden and a nice playground with football field. There are now 19 Liberi-paid employees working at the school.

Food project!

Effective schooling is impossible without children being healthy and properly nourished: without this, they have low energy levels and fall asleep during classes. Therefore pupils are daily provided with breakfast and lunch at the Liberi School. These meals are prepared by Liberi’s own two cooks. The vegetables are from the school’s own garden. Once a week the lunch includes fish, provided by Yalelo, a local company that produces Tilapia. Meat is purchased from local farmers.

Help with education and school equipment!

To learn how to read and write, calculate and acquire basic skills and knowledge is impossible without the right educational materials. By allowing children to attend school they gain better chances for successful future lives. Education provides a firm basis in life. Good educational books and teaching materials are essential for effective education. The Liberi School is provided with educational books and materials for sports and leisure.

Vegetable garden!

The Liberi school has a beautiful vegetable garden. A number of fruit trees have also been planted. The children get fruit and vegetables from their own garden. It is nice to see how this is not only a food project but also a learning project for children and adults.

Liberi school for adults!

The region is still rife with illiteracy and low levels of education. Parents do however realise that education is important for children. Even when uneducated themselves, they do wish their children to attend schools so that they are provided with a better head start in life and suffer less from poverty. At the start of the Liberi School project, meetings were organised for local parents but it was soon realised the many adults were not able to read the information leaflets that were provided. Research was carried out and found that the majority of these parents did wish to improve their own levels of education. Being able to read, write, calculate and acquire other basic skills should be part of everybody’s life. More than sixty adult men and women are currently being educated for two half days each week by Liberi’s teachers.

Liberi school as a small-scale professional educational institute!

A professional educational institute provides effective and good courses that match the local job market. Unfortunately we are not quite there yet, but it is certainly a dream for the future to offer this opportunity to the area. We are however developing plans for women who wish to pursue professional careers, such as seamstress. Several sewing machines have been purchased and every day several women are being taught by professional teachers. Training is aimed at schooling these women to be able to find a job or start their own businesses. The skills are also beneficial to the school itself, as uniforms can be made here and old clothes can be mended.

Workshops and schooling for teachers!

The educational skills of our teachers are brushed up through various workshops. Teachers from other schools can join these workshops without charge. The workshops are popular among teachers as they are being taught skills that can actually be used in daily teaching life. And it works! Enthusiasm for the educational material and a fun approach with the pupils. Collaboration with colleagues and active handling of the educational material. Not just the idea, but especially the result. In addition the teachers are being offered the chance to pursue further training in education.

Building schools and renovating schools!

Children cannot receive proper lessons if there is no proper school building. For many children, school is also much more than just a place to learn. It is a place where they feel at home and where they escape poverty. In most cases, the school buildings in Zambia are poorly maintained and therefore not a pleasant place for children. Most poor countries lack the funds for repairs or the construction of new schools. Especially in the countryside. Siamatika Primary School is located west of Siavonga in a rural area called Chibombo. The school was built in 1988 and teaches more than 600 children in 2 shifts. In October 2019 Wilde Ganzen visited the Siamatika school together with the Liberi Foundation. Wilde Ganzen saw the need with its own eyes and jointly in January 2020 the construction and renovation of the Siamatika school started. We are very grateful that Wilde Ganzen has supported us financially in this. The following has now been realized:
- construction of 2 new classrooms
- renovation of the canteen to a classroom
- renovation of the current four classrooms
- installation of sanitary facilities
- construction of a water supply
In addition, the community has shown its gratitude by building 2 houses for the staff of the school. Now that the foundation has been laid by the (re) building and renovation of the Siamatika school, and the population and management are so enthusiastic and cooperate, we want to further help with the purchase / construction in 2021 of:

- fence with gate
- textbooks
- furniture
- pre-school room for the toddlers
- playground.

Health post!

The Siamatika health post is very important for the Kamimbi district. Doctors Terry and Moses manage the small clinic with 2 more employees on a daily basis. Almost 6,000 people depend on the clinic. The children of the Liberi school also receive their vaccine or medicine every year. We now mainly support the health center with the provision of medicines, materials to guide pregnant women during the delivery, cleaning supplies, small appliances such as thermometers, etc.The health center is still in a very bad condition. In the future, we also want to help renovate this building. At the moment we are working hard behind the scenes on the preparations and we even dare to dream about a new wing for a separate maternity ward!