The Siamatika school is located 7 km from the Liberi school. This school teaches more than 600 children per day in 3 shifts. Probably many more students are involved, but this is the number of registered children. The school is in a very bad condition and has 4 real classrooms for a total of 8 groups. The canteen is therefore also used as a classroom, because there is no food at the school. Children are packed in a class, sometimes as many as 70 children per class. There is a great shortage of tables and chairs, few to no books are available, and the plumbing is just a hole in the ground. There is a lack of living space for the teachers. Teachers are often from the big city and therefore have to move to remote areas. Partly because of this, there are only 6 teachers who divide their time between pre-school and grades 1 to 7.

It is not financially possible to solve all these problems at once. After long deliberation, our board, in consultation with the local population, the chief, the headmaster and the government, decided to start with the basics: renovation and partly new construction of the school. After all, there is no point in providing learning materials, for example, if the school environment does not allow teaching at all!

What do we want to achieve in 2020:

- Building 2 extra classrooms
- Renovation of the existing classrooms and canteen
- Renovating the sanitary facilities where extra care will be taken of privacy
- Realization of a water supply

The construction of the classrooms is arranged by Epicrete, the construction company led by Rainer Ihmann and Gordon Macdonlad. They also provided the construction drawings, as well as for the Liberi school that we have built in recent years. Epicrete will make maximum use of local workers for the construction. The local population also helps where possible.
Wilde Ganzen and Liberi Foundation, together with our local cooperation partner, Liberi Foundation Zambia, are joining forces for the construction and renovation of the Siamatika school. That is why she has pledged 1/3 of the funding. “We are proud of the collaboration with Wilde Ganzen. Together with the CBF quality mark, this collaboration is also a boost for Liberi.