21 June 2019


The Official opening on May 22

11 June 2019

CBF quality mark

The Liberi Foundation has recently acquired the CBF Quality Mark

8 May 2019

Vegetable garden

The children are aldo taught to grow vegetables, and maintain a vegetable garden

2 May 2019

Opening on May 22

The school building is ready and now everything is being prepared for the official opening on 22 May

2 May 2019

The new school year has started

The school year started on Monday 14 January. Almost all 144 children who had registered have come

13 November 2018

Liberi School nearing completion

The Liberi School is nearing completion We have come to the final stage All walls have been painted, the floors have been laid, and there is electricity so we have light

17 July 2018

Update Liberi School july 2018

The school is nearing completion, all external walls are standing, the roof is on, the classrooms are made in painted. In the meantime we are busy with the application procedure

12 June 2018

Newsletter July 2018

Read the newsletter from July 2018 here

14 May 2018

Update Liberi School

The construction of the school is progressing steadily, the building is ready to begin with the layout of the classrooms. We are now fully occupied with the canteen that already

2 May 2018

ChildsLife Olympic Vocational Training Centre

The results of the examinations of the Coupeuse students are as follows; 10 Girls have done the exam and 9 of them have passed! 1 student has failed but she gets the chance of re-examination.

24 March 2018

Progress Liberi School

We have been building for a few weeks now and construction is progressing steadily. After the foundation and the walls of the school, the roof has now also been installed. We too...

24 March 2018

February ’18 visit Zambia

As mentioned, the first steps have been taken to realize the Liberi Community school in Siavonga, Zambia. Whitacon is the construction company that builds the school. They have prepared everything for construction.

29 January 2018

Liberi school Zambia

We have started! On 16 January the first steps were taken to build a new school in Siavonga Zambia. The Liberi Community school. It is going well, everything is