Siamatika school

The construction and renovation of the Siamatika school is ready! We are so happy with that! The 600 children can now go to a beautiful school with a good floor, a non-leaking ceiling and doors and windows.

Electricity and water are also available. A nice toilet block has been built for the girls. It is simply fantastic! Our thanks go to Epicrete, the construction company that made this happen. Thanks to you as donors who were able to make this project possible. And of course we would like to thank Wilde Ganzen for a third of the funding. In January we can watch this live ourselves. We're not there yet! We want to start next year with the second part of the Siamatika school project. This will consist of furnishing the school with enough tables and benches for the children and teachers. We also want to make a fence around the school, so that stray small cattle are stopped and a vegetable garden can also be planted. School books and school materials are needed to provide the correct education to the children and we want to provide the school with a number of playground equipment. We hope that Wilde Ganzen will support us in this and of course a donation from everyone else is always very welcome!