Siamatika new update

We have managed to complete the remaining plastering on the smaller renovated classroom block. The team then proceeded to remove the roof and trusses of the larger remaining school block. Our plan was to follow on what we had done in the previous block, but found the building was badly cracked all the way through, so we decided, with permission to remove all the old block work and to restart from the floor up. We decided to also remove the old floor and cast a better, stronger one. The extra cost incurred in this will be handled by Epicrete and will not be passed on.

We threw the new floor and started with the new walls from the ground up. The two teacher’s offices were made into one, and the new saferoom was built in the headmaster’s office. We put in the ring beam and the new roof and trusses with the isolation. The plastering has been completed both inside and outside.We did the slab for the water tank and installed the taps, we have added three new sections with taps as the two teachers houses that were being rented from the agriculture department and the council have now been given to the school, for teachers houses.The electrical works in the new classroom block has been completed. The lights and fans have been installed and the new ceilings have been erected. The painting in both buildings have got an undercoat and are nearing final completion. I am very happy with the ending results. The digging of the new toilets has started and the squaring of the septic tank and soak away are almost completed.