And then the year is almost over and 2021 is just around the corner. It has been a year for everyone in the world that we will not soon forget. And we're still not there, we're taking Covid ‐ 19 into the year 2021. Fortunately, the outlook is positive. We hope that in the year 2021 we will be able to participate "normally" again in society and that we can leave corona behind us.

The school was allowed to reopen in September by the government! The children were so happy that they could finally go back to the Liberi school again. Of course there was a gap of six months to be made up. Fortunately, they have received homework from the school in the past 6 months and the teachers have guided the children weekly. In September, everything was done to catch up. The school team has worked hard and the children have also done their best! As a result, most children move on to the next group. Of course there was time for sports and games and creative days for the children were organized. Next year the school will start on January 4 and we can welcome 38 new students at the Liberi school

For now the Liberi school has enough rooms for all groups. We will start building the next class block in 2021. This will be the last school block with class 4, 5, 6 and 7 classrooms, in order to realize a fully-fledged primary school.