Public Benefit Organisation

Organisations that fall under the Public Benefit section under the Ministry of Finance are subject to random inspections by officials from the Ministry. These inspections are done to ascertain whether the materials that are purchased under this category are utilised for the purpose they are purchased for.

We had officials from the Ministry on Monday 22nd June, 2020 for this inspections. You are aware that the recent purchases done by the Liberi foundation having passed the process as such of a Public Benefit Organisation ( PBO)

we are very happy to report that we got a 100% rating on compliance from the inspectors and that we among the few organisations that did the pass the inspection. The majority of the organisations have a tendency of registering as Public Benefit Organisation and then we they acquire property they later sale them without following the laid down procedures.

This report already indicates that our renewal will NOT have any hiccups as we have proved that we are prudent and we mean well for the community.