COVID-19 Food program

Covid-19 affects us all worldwide. In the Western world there are great concerns about the future, but in Africa people don't even dare to think about a future anymore. Unfortunately, there are no aid schemes in most countries.

The national Lock Down has resulted in a major economic loss. In addition, Zambia had already been severely hit in recent years. The failure of harvests due to the drought and the devaluation of the local currency as a result, means that many people barely make ends meet and that they are hungry. Now the people in Kamimbi are forced to stay at home, there is an even greater number of unemployed and therefore even more poverty. There is no financial safety net. The most vulnerable, as always, are the children. There was a guaranteed meal every day at school, but unfortunately they have to miss it now.

The Liberi foundation has therefore taken action and has rolled out a (temporary) food program. This food program covers all families in Kamimbi village. For the next three months, each family is entitled to 1 bag of 25 kilo mealie meal per month. We hope that this will enable our students and their parents to feed themselves and to keep them motivated. The first bags were distributed on 01 May