Progress Siamatika school

All the floors are completed and have a great finish to them, I am very happy with the result of the floors. I am looking forward to them being polished. We finished the trusses and had them painted and set in place. The high strain wire and isolation was put in place and the roof sheets were fitted.

The builders did the beam filling between the trusses and the wall. All external walls have been plastered and all the conduits and wiring have been chased. The builders are currently split in two teams one is busy walling the garden and the other are doing reveals on the doors and windows.

The contractors for the backfilling have started works. We called them in a week early due to the early closure to the schools. We also preferred doing this during the holidays as it is less of a distraction and noise for the kids. What we are left to complete in the new classroom block is the PVC ceiling, concrete skirting around the building. Painting the building with undercoat and the final topcoat. Fitting the fans, plugs and light switches. Then final touches like fitting the windows and doors.