Update Siamatika school

Block work continued up to window level, from there wood shuttering was erected and a concrete re-enforced ring beam was cast to give the building strength. Four more courses followed to the top of the walls, gables were constructed. Conduit pipes have been installed internally and socket boxes been put in place. All the internal walls are plastered, and floors are currently being screeded and polished.

While this is happening, we have the welding team constructing the spider trusses as we did at Liberi. These will be in construction over the next two weeks. Once these have been completed, we will complete the conduit piping for the wiring. The sisolation will then be fitted to the roof, as well as the roof sheets. Once this is completed, we will plaster the remaining outside of the building and to finish the window reveals.

Waterworks have started with the trenching being completed. The truck has collected the pipes and we are awaiting the poly fittings to connect the pipe. By the completion of next week water will be in place and the 320 meters of underground pipe will have been laid. With the completion of risers and tank stand to be constructed and painted. We will then have the sub-contractor, Watercrest come in and to do the wiring and testing of the system.