New / rebuild Siamatika school

We started works on the 6th January. We started by breaking down the old build and repacking the blocks that were not broken to be re-used for the new toilet facilities.
We then dug around the foundations to the strip footings. This was so we could protect the outside footing wall by plastering the wall to the slab as this was not done previously. We then covered this up and recompacted.
We then moved blocks and aggregates on to site to start block work. Block works have commenced since then and currently we are almost up to window level.
We commenced building on the new classroom and will be up past window level in the upcoming week. We will start with the ring beam this week. Electrical conduit piping has started with all the vertical conduits in the walls. The solar pump has been purchased as well as the piping. These will need to be collected from Lusaka this week with the steel for the tank stand. Digging for the underground water pipe will start this coming week and should be completed within 6 days. This work has been given to the local community but will be paid for at a reduced rate. This is part of the involvement of the parents and community.
The tank stand will take 8 working days to completion once the materials are received. Below are a few picture of our progress so far.