Wilde Ganzen starts cooperation with Liberi Foundation

Last week Wilde Ganzen made more than 51,000 euros available for the new project in Zambia. The cooperation agreement was signed on the spot in Siavonga, Zambia on 8 October.
The money will be used for the construction of two additional classrooms and the renovation of the canteen and the current four classrooms. In addition, the water supply and toilet blocks will also be renewed. The aim is to update the current living conditions in the short term school children
Start with education; Liberi Foundation believes that education is the best way to combat poverty. If you cannot read or write, it will be very difficult to improve your own living conditions. Everything starts with education! The Liberi School has been active since January 2019 and in the meantime seven classrooms have already been realized, including a canteen, administration offices and accommodation for teachers. In addition, three to five classrooms will be added in the coming years. There is also a vegetable garden with various fruits and vegetables and of course there is a beautiful playground for the kids. Emergency is high The funds for the Liberi school are already covered, but the need is high in this area, which is why the Liberi Foundation also wants to mean something for the surrounding schools. And for this Liberi Foundation is dependent on donations. Many brothers and sisters of children from the Liberi school go to the Siamatika school. Help to the Siamatika school is very much needed. It is important to also use the knowledge and experience we have gained with the realization of the Liberi school to improve other schools in the wider area.