Februari ’18 bezoek Zambia

As mentioned, the first steps have been taken to realize the Liberi Community school in Siavonga, Zambia. Whitacon is the construction company that builds the school. They have prepared everything for construction. On 7 February, Liberi visits the construction site and some adjustments have been made on the spot. Liberi also meets the headsmen and women from the villages around the school. This meeting is very successful. They are enthusiastic and grateful that a new school is being built. They also understand the objective that Liberi has in mind with this school. A good quality school with 30 children per class of which 60% girls. They will conduct an investigation in their villages to determine how many children there are from the age 2 to 5 years Liberi conducts the first job interviews and this promises much positive. Liberi also visited DEBS (District Education Board Secretary) this week, a number of schools including the BEOBAB school in Lusaka, workshops for school furniture and sewing workshops for uniforms. We discuss how we can guarantee that we get the best out of the school. Our conclusion is that we have to start with the youngest. This means that we adjust our strategy slightly and instead of starting the school with pre-school we start with the toddlers. The next visit for Liberi is scheduled in April.