29 March 2021

Siamatika: a school to be proud of

The construction and renovation of the Siamatika school is ready! A school to be proud of! The 600 children can now go to a beautiful school, here are some pictures of before and after the renovation.

27 January 2021

Siamatika school

The construction and renovation of the Siamatika school is ready! We are so happy with that! The 600 children can now go to a beautiful school with a good floor, a non-leaking ceiling and doors and windows.

17 December 2020


And then the year is almost over and 2021 is just around the corner. It has been a year for everyone in the world that we will not soon forget.

18 June 2020

Food program

Unfortunately, the school is not yet open, but luckily we have received permission to start the food program again. 

4 May 2020

COVID-19 Food program

Covid-19 affects us all worldwide. In the Western world there are great concerns about the future, but in Africa people don't even dare to think about a future anymore. Unfortunately, there are no aid schemes in most countries.

27 April 2020

CORONA - Covid-19

Covid-19 was also discovered in Zambia in March and the government immediately announced a Lock down. The fear of a major national outbreak is still high.

15 April 2020

Progress Siamatika school

All the floors are completed and have a great finish to them, I am very happy with the result of the floors. I am looking forward to them being polished. We finished the trusses and had them painted and set in place. The high strain wire and isolation was put in place and the roof sheets were fitted.

4 March 2020

Update Siamatika school

Block work continued up to window level, from there wood shuttering was erected and a concrete re-enforced ring beam was cast to give the building strength. Four more courses followed to the top of the walls, gables were constructed.

31 January 2020

New / rebuild Siamatika school

We started works on the 6th January. We started by breaking down the old build and repacking the blocks that were not broken to be re-used for the new toilet facilities.

13 November 2019

Medications for the healthpost

Medications for the doctor's office

During our last visit in October, we visited the medical center in Kamimbi.

16 October 2019

Wilde Ganzen starts cooperation with Liberi

Last week Wilde Ganzen made more than 51,000 euros available for the new project in Zambia.

13 August 2019


We have started the expansion of the school for the coming school term.

8 July 2019

Green day at the Liberi school

Green Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at the Liberi school. Children learn the identification and recognition of fruits, vegetables, leaves, and trees.

21 June 2019


The Official opening on May 22

11 June 2019

CBF quality mark

The Liberi Foundation has recently acquired the CBF Quality Mark

8 May 2019

Vegetable garden

The children are aldo taught to grow vegetables, and maintain a vegetable garden

2 May 2019

Opening on May 22

The school building is ready and now everything is being prepared for the official opening on 22 May

2 May 2019

The new school year has started

The school year started on Monday 14 January. Almost all 144 children who had registered have come