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The Liberi Foundation is an 'Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling' (Public Benefit Organisation) financed with private funds. Liberi does not have any paid workers in the Netherlands and is therefore able to use almost all funding where necessary. Liberi does, however, have paid workers for projects where necessary.

Liberi school

The Liberi foundation contributes to education in disadvantaged areas in Zambia. In Siavonga Zambia there are still communities where the children can not yet go to school, or to schools with "poor" primary education. The schools are weak compared to education in the larger cities of Zambia.

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28 January 2019

Het nieuwe schooljaar is begonnen

Maandag 14 januari is het schooljaar begonnen. Bijna alle 144 kinderen die zich hadden aangemeld zijn gekomen

13 November 2018

Liberischool nearing completion

The Liberischool is nearing completion We have come to the final stage All walls have been painted, the floors have been laid, and there is electricity so we have light

17 July 2018

Update Liberi School july 2018

The school is nearing completion, all external walls are standing, the roof is on, the classrooms are made in painted. In the meantime we are busy with the application procedure