Goal € 153.301,‐

On 7 km of the Liberi school is the Siamatika school. This school teaches more than 600 children per day in 3 shifts. The school is in a very poor condition and has 4 real classrooms for a total of 8 groups. The meeting room / canteen is also used as a classroom. Children are packed together in a class (sometimes 100 children per class). There is a shortage of tables and chairs, there are few or no books available and the plumbing is only a hole in the ground. There is also a shortage of teachers' houses. Partly because of this there are only 6 teachers who divide their time between pre-school and grades 1 through 7.
What do we want to achieve:
- Build 2 extra classrooms
- Renovation Classrooms and Canteen
- Renew Sanitary
- Realization water supply
A third of the budget will be sponsored by Wilde Ganzen