The Liberi foundation (ANBI) was founded in 2016. The Liberi Foundation wants to contribute in the field of education for unprivileged children in Zambia. The foundation of a good life is the right education. A good education offers better opportunities for an independent existence. Children are the future! The Liberi Foundation regards education as a constructive, structural, respectful way to offer people more opportunities in their lives. In addition, education often benefits not only the individual but also the environment and society. It is the most sustainable form of poverty reduction. The strength of Liberi Foundation is represented in the local presence. We work together with Yalelo. Yalelo is the fastest growing fish farm in all of Africa. By using their local networks, knowledge and experience in the field of projects in Zambia, they proof to be the ideal partner to work with. The projects are managed from a separate entity (Liberi Zambia) which manages the Liberi school in Siavonga and other projects in Zambia. The Liberi Foundation can use almost all of their available funds where needed, this is possible because the employees in the Netherlands and Zambia work voluntarily. Education in Zambia has different structure to the one we are used to in the Netherlands. For example, primary education consists of two levels: “lower basic” (year 1-7) and “upper basic” (year 8 and 9). Secondary education consists of year 10-12. After Zambia became independent, the government invested a lot in education. Since 2002, primary education is free. But Zambia also suffers from a huge population growth. This means that primary education is under enormous pressure. This results in full classrooms with sometimes 80 to 100 children. This is therefore not beneficial to the quality of the provided education. There are 3 types of schools in Zambia: State schools: they are fully subsidised and they form the largest group. Community schools: these are mostly small and poorer schools, established by the local community. In most cases community schools can be found in the countryside, where no state schools are available. These schools receive limited funds. Private schools: they receive no funds, but must follow a curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education. Liberi schools belongs to last category. However, Liberi foundation also supports projects which are focused on the Community Schools.

Liberi school

4 May 2020

COVID-19 Food program

Covid-19 affects us all worldwide. In the Western world there are great concerns about the future, but in Africa people don't even dare to think about a future anymore. Unfortunately, there are no aid schemes in most countries.

27 April 2020

CORONA - Covid-19

Covid-19 was also discovered in Zambia in March and the government immediately announced a Lock down. The fear of a major national outbreak is still high.

15 April 2020

Progress Siamatika school

All the floors are completed and have a great finish to them, I am very happy with the result of the floors. I am looking forward to them being polished. We finished the trusses and had them painted and set in place. The high strain wire and isolation was put in place and the roof sheets were fitted.