The Liberi Foundation, established in 2016, mostly focuses on education in Zambia, especially in the village Kamimbi, in the province of Siavonga. More children should have access to good education, which will provide them with better opportunities in life. Education is not only beneficial to the individual child, but also to society as a whole. A school should be a fun and safe place to visit for the children.

We are proud of the Liberi School, built with proceeds from our own private fund. The school was founded for children from the local community. The Liberi School now provides education to 188 children, and this number increases by the year!

In addition to education, healthcare is important too. This is provided by the national government and its quality can often be improved. There is one health centre in Kamimbi, the ‘Siamatika health post’. This however sadly lacks even basic necessities. The Foundation tries to improve the quality of this clinic.

There is much more to do. Liberi is also engaged in:

Food project!
Children at the Liberi School are given breakfast and lunch every day.

Help with education and school equipment!
We provide schools with educational books and materials for physical exercise and recreation.

Vegetable garden!
A vegetable garden has been planted at the Liberi School.

Skill centre!
For secondary education, such as training to become gardener, cook or dressmaker(coupeuse).

Adult education!
Classes in reading and writing are also given to adult students.

Workshops and schooling for teachers!
Teachers are trained and educated through various workshops and additional training.

Building schools and renovating schools!
Liberi, aided also by Wilde Ganzen, is constantly improving the Siamatika School.

See projects for more information.

wilde ganzen

22 July 2020

Computer room

We express with great excitement that the computer tables of the school are made and this has changed the general view of the computer room at the Liberi school. The tables and cabinets are made by our local carpenter Chewe. He did a great job!

6 July 2020

Siamatika new update

We have managed to complete the remaining plastering on the smaller renovated classroom block. The team then proceeded to remove the roof and trusses of the larger remaining school block. Our plan was to follow on what we had done in the previous block, but found the building was badly cracked all the way through, so we decided, with permission to remove all the old block work and to restart from the floor up.

26 June 2020

Public Benefit Organisation

Organisations that fall under the Public Benefit section under the Ministry of Finance are subject to random inspections by officials from the Ministry. These inspections are done to ascertain whether the materials that are purchased under this category are utilised for the purpose they are purchased for.